people(s) or institution(s) that helped this to exist:

Anastasios Legakis – one of the persons “guilty” for this website
Milen Marinov – helped a lot with finding some of the papers and with the list of references
(my) Gabriela Insuratelu – for helping me with the website and more or less for being everywhere with me
Chris Georgiadis – for helping a lot with Greece in general and for taking out to “the light” some dragonfly specimens
Lars Iversen – from who some data were received and several of his photos can be found here (more of his great photos can be seen if you click on his name :) )

A great importance in existence of this website but also for my researches has the project to whom I own the scholarship.
Investing in people!
PhD scholarship, Project co-financed by the
Priority Axis 1 “Education and training in support for growth and development of a knowledge based society”
Key area of intervention 1.5: Doctoral and post-doctoral programmes in support of research.
Contract POSDRU 6/1.5/S/3 – “Doctoral studies: through science towards society”
Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania