work in progress

This website contains information about damselflies and dragonflies (Odonata) found in Greece. And our hope is that this will be your first step in searching Odonata in Greece. This is the younger brother/sister (what you want) of the site dedicate to dragonflies from Romania.

What can you find here?

General informations (basic description, habits, flight-period) about families and species, photos of different stages (larva, exuviae, adults, different details…), known distribution of each species (from literature/museums collections, own data and other unpublished data), a list of references (if will receive the approval this will be a available also for download), acknowledgments and in any moment will be signaled what is new there (change is species pages).

One mention: your help is needed for this site to develop better and faster, any new data and even good photos to illustrate the species are welcome.

For now still work in progress, but in winter hope that this will much more information and you all will have more reason to come back here.

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